Fuck Yeah Mr Armitage.

As of the moment I am posting and reblogging Richard Armitage and The Hobbit/LOTR related posts only, and I regret nothing.
If I happen to reblog something someone else has reposted; please let me know and I will delete that post immediately.

The Hobbit Cast:  Sunglasses Edition ❤

Are you named after Richard III? [x]

Richard on working with Benedict in DOS [x]


Staaaahp it!



Going to see Richard Armitage in The Crucible at the Old Vic on the 5th of July, which is on my 7th RAnniversary!

I couldn’t wish for a better celebration with lovely RA friends… 



Friendly reminder that Richard Armitage refers to weed as “naughty grass”


Richard Armitage + awkward  beautiful smiles.  


Where does your journey end? You seek that which would bestow upon you the right to rule. A quest to reclaim a homeland, and slay a dragon!